Toll Paid

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Thank you for the work you do! We need this database to be updated and saved with as many race traitors as possible. With a large enough database we can cut these cancerous race traitors out of our gene pool. You are doing more to save the whites from genocide than anyone I have ever known. God bless you and this website

Of course, and this is also great because if it becomes popular and wide enough, it can discourage miscegenation through shaming.

The silver lining to the coalburner question is that these mudsharks either end up single moms with their sprogs, set up for a lifetime of trouble and poverty. Or likely meet their end by the hands hands of their raging (ex)pavement apes or sprogs, who then themselves subsequently either end up in prison or dead.

One does not burn coal without paying the toll.

Amen brother, let the race traitors live with the niggers and other mud people they’ve pouted themselves , they’re no longer human.

To think we want you anymore than you us is 1 stupid, and 2 audacious. To think you actually have any sense of superiority makes us laugh. You only go after the sterotypes of my people, and that clearly shows your hand..pathetic! The fact you aprove of sexually abusing children as a sterotype of YOUR race says anything the world needs to know. The fact YOUR race has severe mental health issues because your weak is honestly heartbreaking and we do hope you get better. Quit molesting children and get your own race together. And never forget there are those of us who feel EXACTLY the same about you as you do us. ✊🏿

“Toll Paid” should serve as a warning to every White woman. I’m so happy that my dad taught me to never Relax around Blacks by the time I was 5 years old.

I just… don’t feel bad for any of them… whores and ugly mixed kids can go to hell, and of course the rape monkeys, too.

Lol bunch of losers that can’t even get white women to date you lol. To and white women desire black men more lol. Lames
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